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Personnel adjustments and separation of employees are always a challenge for employers. We advise employers before and, if necessary, during the separation and show them the procedure of a professional separation process. By doing so, we want to help ensure that they take on social responsibility and that unnecessary and lengthy disputes can be avoided. This should also positively influence the working atmosphere among the remaining employees.

Our goal is that our clients constructively deal with the separation situation, omit unnecessary steps (e.g. legal procedures), and find a way of thinking and communicating that promotes professional development.

With our service, employers have a guarantee that their employees receive professional support and guidance.


Thanks to our service, employees can deal better with the separation situation. They can look forward positively, recognize opportunities and communicate professionally about their job situation.

The goal for jobseekers is to be able to differentiate their potential and get to know it better. This will strengthen their self-confidence and make their career goals clearer. They can recognize favorable development better and confidently compete in the job market.

We help them to successfully conduct job interviews and negotiations and get the desired job within a useful time frame.

With our program they will be well prepared for possible future changes.