New and better job with guaranteed success

You have lost your job. We'll show you how to find a better one.
With our tailor-made program for you as well as additional workshops you will make your way to your "dream job".

Career Consulting

Job change or career move

You want more success and professional satisfaction?
What is your situation? Change of occupation, career move, return to work, better work-life-balance, more success and professional satisfaction?

New/Outplacement Executive

New impetus for your career

You want to continue your career in top management.
You will seize the opportunity to shuffle the cards of your career and tailor it to your potential and your needs.


Situation Analysis

Foundation for every career plan

You want to get the clarity of your potential and your market opportunities.
A Situation Analysis is advisable when responsibilities and performance are no longer in harmony, when the potential is not optimally utilized, perspectives are missing or a personal crisis is taking place.

Executive Programs

so you are a step ahead

Would you like to have greater success and more joy in your job?

The labor market’s requirements and opportunities are constantly changing. In both our executive programs, we will analyze your potential, needs, and values, and align them with the needs of your current and/or future roles.

Together, we discuss and implement the risks, opportunities, and actions needed to help you stay one step ahead of the others.

With the Leadership Competence program you improve your leadership and management competences.

The Career Move program prepares you for career advancement.

Setting up your own company

Use the market potential as your own boss

The idea of building your own company and bringing a product or service to market is often a great opportunity, but it also carries risks!

In the context of the increasing flexibility of the labor market (digitization, social change, project work and part-time work) - especially in the case of a job loss - there is often a desire to go into self-employment.

We have developed a special program in which we bring in our own experience as entrepreneurs. We know what it takes and what needs to be considered in order to be successful as a long-term entrepreneur. In addition, we are in contact with various successful company founders and managers.