The end of a collaboration - often after many year - is a decisive point for those affected. The separation can open up new opportunities for both employees and employers. In such cases, a New/Outplacement with Fankhauser Mangold AG is the right step into an optimal future.

The New/Outplacement program is divided into 3 phases, which contain a total of 8 steps.

3 Phases


The starting point is the analysis of one's own situation, the development of positive communication (1) and the Situation Analysis (2) with a strength and potential analysis. Based on your strengths, potential and desires we develop various career and career options/goals (3).


We develop a convincing application dossier (4), develop an application strategy for an optimal market presence (5) based on the career and career goals and prepare interviews. We also show how to build, activate and use networks to open new doors.


For the application phase (6) you use our experience and our network. We are at your disposal as a sparring partner, analyze your interviews, develop your strategy further and support you in the final phase (7) as well as in the new beginning (8).

8 Steps


Our programs are adapted to the individual situation and the needs of our clients. In general, however, the following procedure proves itself in 8 steps.

1. Situational Analysis
What happened? What do I do next? What do I say to whom, and how and when?

2. Skills
Who am I? What can I do?

3. Career and job objective
What do I want?

4. Application
How do I come across? How do I communicate in writing and speech?

5. Market strategy
Whom do I contact? What is the procedure?

6. Market presence
How do I reach my goal?

7. Job offer
Is this the right job? Should I accept the offer?

8. New beginning
How do I get off to a successful start in my new job?