Workshops & Events

Our workshops are always an opportunity for our clients to get information and ideas from a complementary perspective, exchange thoughts and discuss ideas. Our workshops are also an ideal networking platform - yet they never are a substitute for individual, tailor-made advice. The large number of participants proves their popularity.

    Our workshops are offered regularly and currently contain the following topics

    • Elevator Pitch
    • Spontaneous Applications
    • Networking
    • Head Hunters
    • Recruiters
    • Online Business Plattforms (LinkedIn, etc.)
    • Networking Events (Manager Forum, Alumni Events, etc.)
    • Onboarding

    Please note that most events will be conducted in German.


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    You, as our valued client, are invited to the envents 2 weeks in advance. With the request to letting us know if you will be attending the workshop or if you cannot attend.


    Critical questions in the interview - off to the next round

    an Online-Workshop with
    Christine Kuhn, Senior Consultant

    While recruiters professionalise their questioning technique through targeted training, many job seekers often feel insecure in the interview due to a lack of interview experience, even though they are professionally well qualified.

    With Christine Kuhn you will improve your chances in the interview and learn how to present yourself as a competent and interesting candidate in the stressful interview situation.



    The royal path to a new job.

    an On-site Workshop with
    Cédric Fankhauser, Managing Partner/Owner

    Mr. Cédric Fankhauser, Senior Executive Consultant, will talk to you about the art of networking and share some successful examples from the field.
    You have the opportunity to contribute your own experience in networking – whether it be from your professional activity or from the current situation.

    Head Hunters

    Dealing with intermediaries in the recruitment process

    an On-site Workshop with
    Eva-Maria Bonetti, Senior Consultant

    You will learn about the models and working methods of head hunters and the following questions will be explored:

    • How do I recognise a reputable head hunter?
    • How do I find a suitable agent?
    • How do I behave towards a head hunter?



    How to get to the hidden job market.

    an On-site Workshop with
    Cédric Fankhauser, Managing Partner/Inhaber

    The spontaneous application is an interesting way to address the hidden job market. However, perseverance, confidence, good wording and skilful presentation are important prerequisites for success.

    Elevator Pitch

    my portrait: short, crisp and to the point

    an On-site Workshop with
    Hans-Peter Mangold, Managing Partner

    The term Elevator Pitch refers to a method to be able to present an idea convincingly within a very short time. The basic idea is that you should be able to win over a person you meet in the elevator to an idea during the ride together.

    Online business portals and their role in the search process

    Using and handling online portals optimally.

    an Online-Workshop with
    Eva-Maria Bonetti, Senior Consultant

    Eva-Maria Bonetti, Senior Executive Consultant, will talk about the role of online business portals and their benefits and handling during the search process. In particular, she will highlight the following aspects:

    • online portals like LinkedIn and Xing
    • what to look out for when creating a profile
    • what are the uses, e.g. actively in the application process or networking
    • experiences of the participants


    How do I get off to a successful start in my new job?

    Thursday, September 27, 2018
    9:00 - 12:00 h

    Signing an employment contract is one thing - tackling the new task well and successfully passing the probationary period is another. Even if you would like to sit back and relax internally with your new employer after the conclusion of the contract, there is still a piece of work ahead of you - the systematic preparation for the new task, the training and the probationary period. It is therefore important that you grow into the new company quickly and successfully.
    We will guide you through the most important aspects of the initial phase and give you tips for optimal preparation and training.

    Manager Forum

    Success and experience reports from clients from the Management

    an Online-Workshop by
    Fankhauser Mangold AG

    In addition to the exiting success and experience reports of clients, we will explain the specific aspects of a manager's search process.