Workshops & Events

Our workshops are always an opportunity for our clients to get information and ideas from a complementary perspective, exchange thoughts and discuss ideas. Our workshops are also an ideal networking platform - yet they never are a substitute for individual, tailor-made advice. The large number of participants proves their popularity.

    Our workshops are offered regularly and currently contain the following topics

    • The role of personnel consultants/headhunters in the search process
    • Contact and use of social media
    • Change of job and precaution
    • Networking
    • Successful start in the new job
    • Interview training in small groups

    Please note that all events will be conducted in German.


    Online business portals and their role in the search process

    Using and handling online portals optimally.

    Wednesday, November 25 and December 2, 2020 / 9:00 - 11:30 h
    This workshop will be held online.

    This workshop will be held online.

    Ms. Eva-Maria Bonetti, Senior Executive Consultant, will talk about the role of online business portals and their benefits and handling during the search process. In particular, she will highlight the following aspects:

    • online portals like LinkedIn and Xing
    • what to look out for when creating a profile
    • what are the uses, e.g. actively in the application process or networking
    • experiences of the participants


    The first impression counts, the last one remains! The design of an interview in all its facets.

    event in november cancelled
    next event in 2021

    The job interview is crucial to get a commitment for a new job. That's why we offer an "interview workshop". The point here is once again to work out the most important elements of the interview process, from preparation to follow-up. Special attention is also paid to non-verbal communication. In role-playing games, you can then practice your personal appearance.

    Networking / Spontanbewerbung

    The royal path to a new job.

    next event in 2021

    Mr. Cédric Fankhauser, Senior Executive Consultant, will talk to you about the art of networking and share some successful examples from the field.
    You have the opportunity to contribute your own experience in networking – whether it be from your professional activity or from the current situation.
    The idea of this event is to also practice networking and its rules, i.e. actively approaching other people.

    English Forum

    Key topics for your new-orientation

    This English Forum is covering several key topics in the best/outplacement process:

    • Presentation on social media
    • Networking, spontaneous/direct applications
    • Interview, self-branding, contract negotiation

    You will have the opportunity to discuss and share experience for your professional new-orientation.

    This Forum will be providing you with additional inputs and here you have the chance of making the acquaintance of other clients.

    Stellenwechsel und Vorsorge

    Experts share their knowledge

    External experts will speak on the following topics:

    • Interim solution of occupational benefits until the start of the new position
    • Setting the course for your future provision
    • Possibilities and limitations of your pension
    • Possible consequences (taxes, financing etc.)
    • Beneficial benefits

    Use the opportunity of this event to ask your questions about this topic.

    Manager Forum

    Success and experience reports from clients from the Management

    In addition to the exiting success and experience reports of clients, we will explain the specific aspects of a manager's search process.