What we stand for

Fankhauser Mangold is a specialised company that supports employees in their professional reorientation after a dismissal or with career counselling.

We want to contribute to finding an optimal and future-oriented solution for both sides, employer and employee. To this end, we bring our extensive experience and the necessary intuition.

Our goal is to offer employees the best possible support in the process of professional change, whether with a new/outplacement or with career counselling. We motivate employees to achieve ambitious goals.

We do not see a job loss as a defeat, but as an opportunity for reorientation and a new start. We help people who lose their job to react professionally to the dismissal and empower and accompany them to find a new and better job.

We accompany participants in our new/outplacement programme into a position, whether in employment or self-employment, in which they can successfully and profitably use their skills.

Career consulting
Participants in our career counselling receive a trend-setting analysis of their potential as well as concrete advice on how to better use their strengths in the future according to their needs and values.

Career counselling
Our service in both new/outplacement and career consulting also includes career counselling. This is indicated when there is a wish or a need to leave one's traditional profession to look for another occupation.

We pursue a holistic counselling approach (person, profession, environment), respond to our clients (life situation, potential, needs, values), take our time, work with proven and new methods and offer a high standard of service. We are committed to supporting employees and motivating them to set high goals for themselves and accompany them in word and deed to achieve them. We want to be measured by our success. We are networked throughout Switzerland and have the right contacts internationally if required.