Our Team

Our consulting team consists of Cédric Fankhauser, Hans-Peter Mangold, Ariane Haab-Demiéville and Eva-Maria Bonetti. Our colleagues in our extended team are Katrin Moser, Susann Zumstein and Gaby Lederer-Ganse.

All of our consultants have many years of experience as managers, human resources managers and as consultants for professional reorientation (New/Outplacement, Career Consulting).

Our back office is run by Carolina Mitzel.


Cédric Fankhauser

Managing Partner, Owner
Senior Consultant

«Personally, I see in change the potential to achieve greater things.»

Hans-Peter Mangold

Managing Partner
Senior Consultant

«Being open to change, setting goals, tackling new things - without losing your identity - is exciting and instructive.»

Ariane Haab-Demiéville

Senior Consultant

«I use my expertise, combined with professional and life experience to show our clients positive perspectives for professional development even in a difficult transitional phase.»

Eva-Maria Bonetti

Senior Consultant

«A professional reorientation or a «change process» are opportunities that must be exploited.»

Katrin Moser

Senior Consultant 
Extended Team

«It fascinates me to make sure that every person is in the right place at the right time of his life.»

Gaby Lederer-Ganse

Senior Consultant
Extended Team

«My special strengths lie in dealing directly with people - as a coach for individuals as well as for teams.»

Susann Zumstein

Change & Projects
Extended Team

«It is important to me that after thorough analysis or reflection the ideas get going and the action becomes a central element. Therefore - let's do it!»


Carolina Mitzel

Manager Back Office
Coordination, Reporting

«For the possible to emerge, the impossible must always be tried.» HERMANN HESSE