Because of the current corona situation, we implement strict hygiene and behavorial rules:

Consultation sessions are more and more conducted online.

  • The distance of at least 2 meters is always maintained.
  • At meetings, each participant has his or her own table.
  • Disinfectant is available in all rooms.
  • The rooms are regularly aired.
  • The meeting table and chairs are disinfected after each visitor and surfaces (door traps, etc.) are cleaned regularly.
  • Meetings of more than 4 persons are held by video.
  • We offer our workshop topics in free additional individual consultation appointments.
  • Our popular workshops currently only take place online.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Fankhauser Mangold AG


Our new/outplacement – Your way to success!

Both professionally and personally, there are always changes with ups and downs. We are often forced to react and adapt to new situations.

Losing a job is an incisive experience, but with this change there is also the opportunity for new perspectives.

As New/Outplacement specialists, we help you tap your full potential, set clear goals, and achieve them with our established market strategy.

Find your dream job with the help of our consulting, like 96% of our clients.