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like 96% of our clients before you.

Both professionally and personally, there are always changes with ups and downs. We are often forced to react and adapt to new situations.

Losing a job is an incisive experience, but with this change there is also the opportunity for new perspectives.

As New/Outplacement specialists, we help you tap your full potential, set clear goals, and achieve them with our established market strategy.

Find your dream job with the help of our consulting, like 96% of our clients.

We are looking forward to your visit.

Fankhauser Mangold AG






Since the foundation of Fankhauser Mangold in 2007, we have worked for 173 customer companies and are a preferred provider for various large companies.

Over the years 2007 – 2021, these are the average results of client support:

97% found a better or comparable job.
84% 4 out of 5 clients, found the job of their dreams or were able to make a career move.
72% had more or the same wages at the new job.
55% found the job via their network or unsolicited applications.
31% found the job via ads/internet.

We also see a slight trend towards self-employment, where we have our own program.

51 years was the average age of our clients.

We receive very good feedback, references and recommendations, whether it be from our clients or from our contractors.

You can find more details about our successes here


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Cédric Fankhauser, Managing Partner/Owner

Spontaneous application and networking for experts How to get to the hidden job market.
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Cédric Fankhauser, Managing Partner/Inhaber

LinkedIn Booster Using and handling online portals optimally.
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Elevator Pitch my portrait: short, crisp and to the point
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Hans-Peter Mangold, Managing Partner

Interview with role plays The first impression counts, but also the last - and that remains.
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Cédric Fankhauser, Managing Partner/Inhaber